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"Secrets to Songwriting" Course

Clay is an awesome, talented Motown writer, musician and producer. After spending years in the music publishing industry, I have met many talented artists, songwriters and producers in L.A. and Nashville. Clay's talents have put him at the pinnacle of songwriters. Lainie S.

"I love this course! Whenever I find myself in an intense moment where I feel called to write, I will remember the key elements and wisdom that is contained within this course. I will refer back to specific videos when I want to enhance any element of a song and take it further. 7 Secrets to HIT Songwriting is such a fantastic resource to illuminate all aspects and considerations of the writing process!" Ashley L.

Clay's Song Writing Class is super awesome! It forces us to open up our mind to so many different ways of writing! People who take his classes are there to help each other out as well! He is very passionate about what he does and is hands on with each of us! *Rayko Dig

Clay's presentation is broken up into several chronological segments, which makes it easy to focus on each aspect. Each section is followed up with bullet points to reinforce the key concepts. There are many examples of popular songs of how these principles are used. I liked Clay's demonstration of bass hooks. Anyone with writers block will have new creative sources of inspiration. I took his turbo course on Secrets of Motown Songwriting 2 years ago, and highly recommend his one on one consultations. Thank you, Clay !!

D. Gutenkauf

Clay Drayton's Songwriting Classes are totally AWESOME! If you are a songwriter, poet, etc. & want to learn more, this is the place to be!  I love this class & your teachin'! I know I will be back 2 keep learnin' more!  April S.

• The heart of a songwriter
Clay's breakdown and analytical approach reveals not only the secrets of songwriting but also the approach in drawing inspiration from everyday life, even road signs. Thank you Clay.      Ernie Jefferson

I just wanted to let you know that the songwriting class was wonderful. It has truly sharpened my "writing skills" and taken them to the next level - what an excellent class. It seems the path to my songwriting career is laid right out before me.  De Bora S.

THIS COURSE WAS AMAZINGLY HELPFUL AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND. I liked Clay's personable demeanor, though he's written for so many Big Name acts, he seems very down to earth. I highly recommend this course to any writer looking to have an edge on the competition. Thanks, Clay.   Dee Coupe

I took the beginning Professional Songwriting Class and I loved it. Clay helped me to get outside of myself to tap a source of creative energy within me to dig out the songs that have been waiting to be written. The class is very engaging and Clay is a charismatic teacher, you know that he really loves what he does. If you're interested in songwriting you ought to check this out! Winnie J.

I came all the way from Australia to write with Clay. I learned a lot and I had fun at the same time.

Catherine  Wood - Westcoast songwriters LA


Mary B

Gerry Vargas (Collaborator) 

Danielle Carter 

Katie Scarlett

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